Caribbean Cake Christmas Candle 12 oz


12 oz Scented Candle.

Cinnamon Toast Christmas Candle 12 oz

Christmas Candle Decor

Caribbean Cake

Smells like cake in a jar! This mouthwatering bakery aroma, is an irresistible blend of sweet warm caramel & dark brown sugar. This rich and toasty scent smells good enough to eat, with vanilla cake base & blended essential oils, like natural cinnamon leaf and nutmeg. Our Caribbean Cake scent will make your home feel warm & cozy, like you got a fresh cake coming out the oven.


Top: Banana, Walnut, Sea Salt

Middle: Nutmeg, Brown Sugar, Chocolate

Bottom: Vanilla, Butter, Caramel


Caribbean Cake Christmas Candle 12 oz

Our Christmas candle is handmade in small batches to ensure quality of each and every candle. Premium refined paraffin wax is layered on top with a touch of gold sparkles. Gel wax is on the bottom with Christmas decor embedded.

Our highly scented candles are blended with phthalate free fragrances, and are infused with real essential oils.

Made in a 12 oz canning jar, perfect for Christmas decor.

Over 70 hours of burn time. Will fill up a small to large room.

Enjoy this unique candle to decorate your home, burn it for a relaxing evening, or just sniff to smile.

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